Yellowstone’s Jamie star Wes Bentley ‘f*g left’ co-stars in offset season 1 outing

Yellowstone’s Jamie star Wes Bentley ‘f*g left’ co-stars in offset season 1 outing

Yellowstone’s Jamie Dutton actor stormed off when he was getting to know his season one co-stars away from work.

Six years ago, Paramount Network fans were introduced to Yellowstone and the disastrous Dutton family, headed up by patriarch John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner).

Together with his children Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), John resides on the Yellowstone ranch with ranch hands staying in the Bunkhouse.

The ranch hands are often seen hanging around, playing poker and going to rodeos, which Colby star Denim Richards says is what they do when the cameras aren’t rolling.

While talking on the official Yellowstone podcast, he explained: “We spend time together, we go out for dinner together, some of us gym together, we play poker, we go to music events, rodeos.”

“The dynamics we do on camera, are a lot of the stuff we do outside of it, the difference is there’s just not 600 people there filming us while we’re doing it.”

Teeter actress Jen Landon then proceeded to ask Richards and Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White what their favourite memories off-set have been with the crew.

That’s when White began to tell a tale involving Jamie’s Wes Bentley, leaving Richards and Landon in hysterics.

“I think season one we went bowling and Wes Bentley got so mad, because he lost at bowling, he left.

“He just left. It was like one of our first big group hangs as a cast and everybody’s like ‘alright, we’re keeping the vibes good’. No, no, no, Wes got in his car and f*g left.”

Pitching in, Richards continued: “You know what’s hard in bowling? The thing that sucks at bowling is that it’s only you.

“So naturally as a competitor, I’m like I want everyone to fail but then when you see the way somebody’s going to take, you’re like ‘I really hope they get a strike’.”

“We’re all sitting there praying, trying to manifest Wes getting a strike”, White laughed.

“Because Wes is a really good athlete, he takes everything very seriously.

“He’s an incredibly pleasant, very smart guy and all of us have our days where we’re a few bad rolls away from a few gutter balls.”

Unfortunately, it is the beginning of the end for Yellowstone as it was announced last year that season five would be its last.

The first part came out in November 2022 and fans are still awaiting the second and final lot of episodes.

It is believed though that Yellowstone season five, part two, will make its debut sometime in November 2024.

Yellowstone is available to watch on Paramount Network.

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