Preview — Law & Order Season 23 Episode 4: Unintended Consequences

Preview — Law & Order Season 23 Episode 4: Unintended Consequences

A real estate agent turns up dead on Law & Order Season 23 Episode 4, “Unintended Consequences.” This leads Shaw and Riley on a wild goose chase among prominent clients.

The trial begins with a solid suspect, which Price and Maroun are confident they can make their case around. That is until an unexpected witness shows up during the witching hour.

Price and Maroun struggle to prove a motive to the jury. All while trying to decide what to do about this latest witness who could throw the whole case in a different direction.

Especially considering the witness has a less-than-stellar history — he’s been accused of child pornography.

Check out the photos and promo video below for a preview!

Episode description: Shaw and Riley investigate the murder of a real estate agent. After speaking with prominent clients, an unexpected witness appears, leaving Price and Maroun to convince the jury of motive while facing a difficult decision about their witness.

Photos from Law & Order Season 23 Episode 4:
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