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Yellowstone: Teeter’s Pink Hair Is More Important Than You Think


"Yellowstone" is an ensemble drama that has always been home to a wide variety of different character types, and the way that these distinct personalities clash with one another is one of the show's greatest strengths. However, the series lacks somewhat less traditional character types, something it seems to have been reckoning with over the last few years. First appearing...

10 Yellowstone Plot Twists That Wrecked Us All, Ranked


Yellowstone lives up to the reputation 'expect the unexpected'. Yellowstone may have its predictable, cheesy moments, but it has also managed to mislead and trick the audience on multiple occasions. It's no secret that creator Taylor Sheridan loves a good twist, which explains why Yellowstone is riddled with them. Experience 10 stunning Yellowstone plot twists that wrecked us all, ranked in...

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Go Wild After Luke Grimes’ Wife Shares a Rare Photo of the Two


As Yellowstone airs season 2 episodes on CBS on Sunday nights, people absolutely love to seeing how Kayce Dutton's relationship with his wife Monica plays. But in real life, Luke Grimes is happily in love with model Bianca Rodrigues, who is clearly also head-over-heels for her man. Ahead of releasing his new EP Pain Pills or Pews on October 20,...

Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2 Recap With Spoilers: “New Beginnings”


John recovers from his life-threatening ulcer and everyone experiences major changes in Season 2's second episode. Last episode of Yellowstone saw John Dutton cheat death after having a ruptured ulcer while Beth started to formulate a plan to protect the Yellowstone as Dan and Rainwater continue their plans to take the Duttons down. This week, everyone is looking towards the...

What Does ‘Yellowstone’s Popularity Say About America?


Audiences love what Taylor Sheridan brings to the table, and for good reason. Since the Taylor Sheridan-helmed Western drama Yellowstone premiered on the Paramount Network in the summer of 2018, the series rose to prominence relatively quickly. Ignoring the initial wave of mixed-to-negative reviews upon release, the series, which is ending with Season 5, was a hit with audiences and...

10 Best Yellowstone Episodes, Ranked


Yellowstone is one of the most popular shows, with certain episodes standing out and showcasing the best of Taylor Sheridan's Western franchise. Yellowstone has become one of the most popular TV series, with some episodes standing out as the pinnacle of 21st-century Western television. The series follows the wealthy John Dutton, the head of a family that's been settled on...

Yellowstone makes bold move with final season release as Kevin Costner’s appearance remains uncertain


The Yellowstone franchise's flagship series finally has light on the horizon in the midst of delays caused by the WGA and ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes. Deadline shared an update on the release of the show's final season, part two of the fifth season, and revealed that after months of delay, it'll be out on the Paramount Network a year from now,...

Fans Are Disappointed by Kevin Costner’s Manners toward His Assistant While Shopping: ‘Not Much of a Gentleman’


Kevin Costner is a renowned actor in Hollywood, but the "Yellowstone" actor was recently caught in a bit of controversy because of recent pictures that were taken while he was out shopping. Constner was spotted on a shopping spree with a brunette woman who is suspected to be his assistant. The actor looked chic with a gray v-neck sweater, white...

2 More Yellowstone Spinoffs In Development


Two new Yellowstone spinoffs have been revealed, taking the franchise to different points in time as the flagship series comes to an end. Yellowstone is getting two new spinoffs set in different time periods as the original series comes to a close. Previous spinoffs of the Western drama include 1883 and 1923, shows that explore the Dutton family's ranch around...

‘Yellowstone’ Final Episodes Move to November 2024, Spinoffs ‘1944’ and ‘2024’ Ordered


The final episodes of “Yellowstone” are now slated to air in November 2024. In addition, Paramount has greenlit two new spinoff series — “1944” and a contemporary series currently titled “2024.” As with the flagship show, the new shows are produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios. It was announced in May that Taylor Sheridan’s megahit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone”...

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