Who Plays Carrie Ross In The Blue Bloods Episode The Real Deal?


"Blue Bloods" fans know that the toughest cases the Reagan clan faces are the ones that hit close to home. The case featured in the Season 10 premiere, titled "The Real Deal," is no exception, as Frank (Tom Selleck) finds himself at a crossroads in terms of how best to help his former partner Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) deal...

Blue Bloods Characters That Fans Can’t Stand


One of today's best police procedurals, "Blue Bloods" offers a unique blend of cop stories and family drama. Centered on a family of law enforcers in New York City, the show is led by Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, the NYC Police Commissioner whose entire family fights for justice in one way or another. His sons Jamie (Will Estes)...

Blue Bloods: Are Jamie and Eddie a couple in real life?


Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko are the definitive Blue Bloods couple. There have been other romances that have come and gone, but we’ve gotten to watch these two characters fall in love, experience hardship, and come out the other end stronger over the course of the show. Part of the appeal of Jamie and Eddie is the writing, of...

Who Plays Danny’s Friend Mickey On Blue Bloods & How Many Episodes Is He In?


For the better part of the past 15 years, "Blue Bloods" has regularly ranked as one of the best-loved procedural dramas on television. That, no doubt, has a lot to do with fans' continued adoration of both the family at the heart of the story and the actors who've played them throughout. They've just as often reveled in appearances from...

Is Blue Bloods new tonight on CBS? (Sept. 29, 2023)


Now that the WGA strike is officially over, we’re looking forward to upcoming news about all of our shows that normally would have started airing at this point in time. However, we still have the SAG-AFTRA strike that is currently ongoing. Until negotiations are underway, actors cannot get back to work. Blue Bloods was one of the last CBS shows...

Will Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan Retire? Donnie Wahlberg Goes Full Honest Mode


With season 14 of the beloved police procedural incoming, do we need to get ready for some emotional goodbyes? When you have a procedural show that has been going on for quite some time — like, say, Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy, or Blue Bloods — you have to prepare yourself for the day you'll have to say goodbye. Even...

Blue Bloods: Will Frank Reagan retire in season 14?


Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is the man in charge. He’s not only the patriarch of the Reagan dynasty, but he’s the NYC Police Commissioner, and he regularly makes choices that affect the entire city. That’s a lot of stress and drama to contend with, but that’s all part of what makes Blue Bloods such a fun watch. The thing is,...

Two Vital Blue Bloods Cast Members Almost Passed on Their Roles


Could you imagine we almost lost not one but two Reagans? Over its 13-season run, Blue Bloods made sure we couldn't imagine anybody but Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan as Danny and Erin Reagan. However, back at the time when it all started, the two almost missed a chance to become part of the Reagan family! First one to almost miss the...

Blue Bloods: Common Enemies Cast A Notorious Tough Guy To Play The Episode’s Big Bad


There are those like Tom Selleck, who exhibit the characteristics needed to perfectly portray a citizen who enforces the law, and there are actors who have been successful playing those who break it. When it comes to the main villain of Season 9, Episode 19 ("Common Enemies"), "Blue Bloods" decided to bring in someone to be considered one of...

Blue Bloods Cast Stephanie Andujar As Bad Girl Molly Chavez – Where Is She Now?


Criminals on "Blue Bloods" are usually forgotten quickly, though some do tend to return to the scene of the crime, like Molly Chavez. Stephanie Andujar, best known for "Marjorie Prime" and "Orange is the New Black," debuted in Season 8, Episode 20 ("Your Six"), playing the girlfriend of an escaped cop killer. During their search, Chavez almost killed Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and...

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