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Yellowstone: Behind The Scenes Looks & Bloopers That Make Us Love The Cast More

Over the course of its five seasons, “Yellowstone” has carved out a unique niche for itself in the pop culture stratosphere. Easily among the most popular shows on TV, Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western has a flavor all its own. A mixture of old-school values and how the modern world chips away at them, the series is often bolstered by the clashes between its eclectic group of outcasts and roustabouts.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the bunkhouse. The ranchhands ceaselessly tease and prank one another but will always have each other’s backs when things get serious. However, behind the scenes of “Yellowstone,” there’s a lot more of the former that fans can see in a blooper real of “Stories From the Bunkhouse” on YouTube.

Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White is viewers’ main guide through the silliness that happens between takes on “Yellowstone.” “All my friends in one place,” he quips sarcastically. “How lucky we are.” White also claims early on that Chess was invented by cowboys in the 1830s, something he’s clearly making up on the spot. Still, it isn’t long before other members of the bunkhouse begin weighing in themselves.

It’s safe to say things are pretty light in the real bunkhouse

Soon, Denim Richards and Ian Bohen are also getting in on the shenanigans. As the video continues, we see Richards bragging about his pool skills and doing some amateur opera singing before Bohen swaps out a Chess piece for a nearby screw and then pretends to smash his hand over it.

Jen Landon, often the sole female member of the bunkhouse on “Yellowstone,” weighs in next with a casual saunter of a dance for the camera. “I’m not kidding; this is actually how I would warm up for Teeter,” Landon says of her offbeat character. She also gets arguably the funniest line in the video after Laramie actor Hassie Harrison compliments her hair. “Cut it myself with kitchen scissors,” she says in a singsongy voice. “When I was a little anxious.”

Mia actor Eden Brolin also jumps in to mock Jefferson White with a lispy voice after he says he feels handsome. “I feel really handsome. I’m dropping some weight,” she imitates teasingly. Being that the two played lovers for two seasons straight, they seem to be especially close, suggesting very little awkwardness from their many romantic scenes.

It’s pretty clear that the actor’s chemistry translates off-screen

“This is how like our whole working experience has gone,” Eden Brolin goes on to say before she and Jefferson White descend into offhand laughter. Finally, Denim Richards turns things around on White by offering fun facts about his “Yellowstone” co-star. “He loves pugs to the point [that] if we see a pug in the street, we must pull over and greet this pug in person,” he says of White’s obsession with the dog breed. “It’s ridiculous.”

Still, the rest of Richards’ comments about White showed just how much he cares for his fellow bunkhouse boy. “Everything that he does comes from a place of wanting to make people laugh,” he explained. “And, so, you cannot beat that.” He also reiterated how supportive White is of his friends’ work outside the show.

All in all, it’s pretty easy to see why the tone of friendship and camaraderie between the various ranch hands is displayed so naturally in “Yellowstone.” Though the show will likely be wrapping up when Season 5, Part 2 returns in late 2024, it also seems pretty fair to assume that many of these friendships will last a lifetime both on and off-screen.

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