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What Happened To Daryl Mitchell After NCIS: New Orleans?

When “NCIS: New Orleans” was canceled back in 2021, fans found themselves having to say goodbye to a number of beloved characters. That includes Daryl Mitchell’s Patton Plame, a talented cyber specialist who grows into an absolutely vital part of the team over the course of the series. At the time, Mitchell expressed sadness over the end of “NCIS: New Orleans,” writing on Instagram: “This was my home for 7 years, my heart is so heavy. So hard when this is over, I will always love my cast and crew.”

While the end of “NCIS: New Orleans” was a turning point for Mitchell, it was not the end of his career. In the time following his stint as Triple P, the actor would continue on with another major role in a flagship series — one that he had long been portraying concurrently with his “NCIS: New Orleans” part. Indeed, fans only have to look to AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” to see what has become of Mitchell.

Mitchell continued his role on Fear the Walking Dead

Back in 2018, right around the midway point of Daryl Mitchell’s time as part of the main cast for “NCIS: New Orleans,” the actor jumped onto “Fear the Walking Dead” in a recurring capacity. His first appearance comes in Season 4, in which he portrays Wendell Rabinowitz, the adoptive brother of main character Sarah (Mo Collins). Wendell makes sporadic appearances in subsequent seasons.

When “NCIS: New Orleans” went off the air in 2021, Mitchell’s role on “Fear the Walking Dead” continued. Specifically, he appears throughout Season 7, which originally ran well into 2022. The ending of Season 7 sees Wendell and a number of fellow survivors diverging from the main group that the series follows in an effort to find their own path. Between that and “Fear the Walking Dead” meeting its end with Season 8, it now seems that Mitchell’s other major role besides “NCIS: New Orleans” has concluded as well.

At this point, Mitchell’s future plans seem unclear, as he has not appeared in any projects since his time on “Fear the Walking Dead.” Nonetheless, the actor has continued to maintain a public presence, staying active on his Instagram account and making appearances at events like FanX in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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