CSGO Do You Get Cooldown if Kicked?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is not just a game; it’s a whole world of intense competition and thrilling first-person shooter action. Developed by Valve Corporation, CSGO offers players the chance to engage in competitive matchmaking against opponents of similar skill levels. But what happens if you get kicked from a match by your teammates? Will you receive a temporary ban? Let’s dive into the details and shed some light on this intriguing topic.

Understanding Cooldowns in CSGO

What is a Cooldown?

A cooldown, also known as a “ban,” is a temporary suspension from competitive matchmaking in CSGO. It serves as a penalty for players who violate the game’s rules and ensures fair gameplay for everyone involved. Depending on the severity of the offense, cooldowns can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 7 days.

How Does the Cooldown System Work?

The cooldown system in CSGO was introduced to address specific issues that undermine fair competition. It aims to deter players from leaving matches prematurely, which gives the opposing team an unfair advantage. Additionally, it punishes players who engage in toxic behavior like team-killing, griefing, and cheating.

Once a player receives a cooldown, they won’t be able to participate in competitive matchmaking for the specified duration. However, they can still enjoy playing on casual or community servers. It’s important to note that their progress and stats in competitive matches will be put on hold during this time.

Types of Cooldowns in CSGO

There are three main types of cooldowns in CSGO:

  1. Abandonment Cooldown: This occurs when a player leaves a match before it concludes. The first offense results in a 10-minute cooldown, which escalates with subsequent violations.

  2. Competitive Cooldown: Players who engage in disruptive behavior such as team-killing, griefing, or cheating may receive this type of cooldown. The duration of the ban varies depending on the severity of the offense.

  3. Overwatch Cooldown: The game’s anti-cheat system, Overwatch, issues this cooldown to players suspected of cheating. It can range from 30 minutes to 7 days.

Do You Get Cooldown if Kicked in CSGO?

Can You Get Cooldown if Kicked?

The short answer is no, getting kicked by your teammates in CSGO will not result in a cooldown. However, there are certain factors to consider.

What Happens When You Get Kicked in CSGO?

If you get kicked from a match, you won’t receive an immediate cooldown. Instead, you may receive a warning in your next few matches, indicating that you were recently kicked by teammates. Frequent kicks can potentially lead to a competitive cooldown.

It’s worth mentioning that being kicked too often can negatively impact your trust factor, which affects matchmaking and may result in longer queue times.

Exceptions to the Rule

While getting kicked from a game does not lead to a cooldown, there are exceptions. If the game detects suspicious activity from a player, such as using cheats or exploiting glitches, they may receive an Overwatch cooldown even if they were kicked by their teammates.

Common Misconceptions About Cooldowns in CSGO

Cooldowns Only Happen to ‘Bad’ Players

One common misconception about cooldowns in CSGO is that they only happen to players who lack skill. However, this is far from the truth. Cooldowns can be issued to skilled players as well, emphasizing that anyone, regardless of their talent, can face a ban for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Cooldowns Are Only Issued for Cheating

While cheating is a significant offense that can result in a cooldown, it’s not the only reason for a ban. Leaving matches early or engaging in disruptive behavior like team-killing and griefing can also lead to cooldowns in CSGO.

Cooldowns Cannot Be Appealed

Many players believe that once a cooldown is issued, they have no recourse and must serve the full duration. However, this is not entirely true. If you receive a cooldown for suspicious activity, you can appeal it through Valve’s support system. By providing evidence that proves your innocence, you may have the ban reversed.

Ways to Avoid Getting Cooldowns in CSGO

Follow the Game’s Rules and Regulations

The best way to steer clear of a cooldown in CSGO is by adhering to the game’s rules and regulations. Avoid using cheats, resist the temptation to leave matches early, and maintain a positive attitude. By playing fair and being a good sport, you can enjoy the game without any interruptions.

Improve Your Trust Factor

As mentioned earlier, your trust factor can influence your matchmaking experience and queue times. To enhance your trust factor, aim to exhibit a positive attitude during matches, communicate effectively with your teammates, and avoid being reported for disruptive behavior.

Appeal Cooldowns if Necessary

If you believe that you’ve been unjustly issued a cooldown, don’t hesitate to appeal it through Valve’s support system. Compile any evidence that can demonstrate your innocence, and Valve may reverse the ban.


In conclusion, getting kicked by your teammates in CSGO will not lead to a cooldown. However, it’s important to remember that engaging in disruptive behavior or cheating can still result in a ban. By respecting the game’s rules, fostering positivity, and playing fair, you can ensure an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone involved. So, brace yourself, dive into the action, and remember to have fun while playing CSGO!


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