Can You Play CSGO Without WiFi?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO, is an immensely popular online multiplayer game that requires an internet connection to play. However, have you ever wondered if there’s a way to enjoy this game without relying on WiFi? In this article, we will explore different methods to play CS:GO without WiFi and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Methods of Playing CS:GO Without WiFi

There are a few ways to play CS:GO without WiFi, ranging from straightforward options to more technical solutions. Let’s take a closer look at each method:

1. Offline with Bots

Playing offline with bots is one of the easiest ways to enjoy CS:GO without WiFi. This mode allows you to engage in battles against computer-controlled opponents across various game modes, such as deathmatch, arms race, and casual. To access this mode, simply open the game, click on “Play,” and select “Offline with Bots.”

Setting Up Offline Bots

Setting up your offline bot game is a breeze. You can customize the number of bots, their difficulty level, and even choose the map you want to play on. If you desire a change of scenery, you can open the console (press the ~ key) and type in map followed by the map name.


  • No need for an internet connection
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Perfect for practice and skill improvement
  • No more waiting for servers to come back online


  • Limited to playing against bots only
  • Unable to earn XP or rank up
  • May become repetitive or boring after prolonged play

2. LAN Party

If you’re seeking a more interactive and social gaming experience, setting up a LAN party with your friends is a fantastic option. A LAN party allows multiple devices to connect locally without an internet connection, enabling you to play with and against your friends.

Setting up a LAN Party

To set up a LAN party, all players need to be connected to the same network. One player creates a lobby in the game and invites others to join. Once everyone is in the lobby, a local server can be started, and the desired map can be selected.


  • Enjoy playing with friends in the same physical space
  • No reliance on an internet connection
  • Enhances social interaction and camaraderie
  • Customizable game settings and modes


  • Requires everyone to be on the same network
  • Limited to playing with people in close proximity
  • Additional equipment or setup may be necessary

3. Offline with Workshop Maps

Workshop maps are custom-made maps created by the CS:GO community, offering an array of game modes and challenges that provide a unique gaming experience beyond the standard maps. These maps can be played offline or online, allowing you to explore new adventures.

Installing and Playing Workshop Maps

To play a workshop map offline, you first need to subscribe to it on the Steam Workshop. Once subscribed, the map will automatically download and appear in your workshop list within the game. You can then launch the map and play it offline with bots or invite your friends to join you.


  • Offers a wide variety of custom maps and game modes
  • Play offline or invite friends for an online adventure
  • Provides a fresh and unique gaming experience


  • Requires an internet connection to download the maps
  • Not all workshop maps are of high quality or balanced
  • Some maps may contain bugs or glitches

4. Mobile Hotspot

When you find yourself in a location without WiFi or LAN capabilities, you can still indulge in CS:GO by utilizing your mobile phone as a hotspot. This method enables you to connect your computer to your phone’s internet data and play the game online.

Setting Up a Mobile Hotspot

To set up a mobile hotspot, access your phone’s settings and activate the mobile hotspot feature. Then, connect your computer to the hotspot and launch the game. Keep in mind that the quality of your internet data plan and signal strength may affect performance.


  • Play online without a traditional WiFi network
  • No additional equipment or setup required


  • Possible lag or reduced performance
  • Stable internet connection on your phone is necessary
  • Consumption of a significant amount of data, depending on your plan

5. Using Offline Server Software

For those with a dedicated server or a spare computer, setting up an offline server provides an opportunity to play CS:GO without WiFi. This approach requires more technical knowledge but allows you to customize game settings and play with friends online.

Setting Up an Offline Server

To set up an offline server, you’ll need to download and install offline server software such as hldsupdatetool or SteamCMD. Once installed, launch the server and configure the game settings to your preference. Your friends can then connect to the server using your IP address and join you in the game.


  • Customize game settings and modes to suit your preferences
  • Play with friends online
  • No need for an internet connection after the server is set up


  • Requires technical knowledge and setup time
  • Potential for lag or server issues
  • Necessitates a dedicated server or spare computer


How do I play CS:GO offline?

Playing CS:GO offline is simple. Just open the game, click on “Play,” and select “Offline with Bots.” Customize the game settings and prepare to battle computer-controlled opponents.

Can I play CS:GO without an internet connection?

Certainly! You can play CS:GO without an internet connection by playing offline with bots, setting up a LAN party, or utilizing workshop maps. However, if you wish to play online with other players, an internet connection is required.

Can I earn XP or rank up when playing offline?

No, earning XP or ranking up is not possible when playing offline. These features are exclusive to online gameplay on official servers.

How can I improve my skills in CS:GO?

There are several ways to enhance your skills in CS:GO. Practice offline with bots, watch tutorials and guides, study professional gameplay, and participate in community workshops and tournaments.

Can I play CS:GO on my mobile phone?

Unfortunately, CS:GO is not available on mobile devices. The game is exclusively playable on PC, Mac, and Linux.


In conclusion, while CS:GO is primarily an online multiplayer game, there are several ways to enjoy it even without WiFi. Whether you prefer battling bots, organizing LAN parties with friends, or immersing yourself in custom workshop maps, there’s a suitable method for you. Each option has its own advantages and drawbacks, so consider your preferences and available resources before choosing the most suitable approach. With these alternatives, you can continue to enjoy playing CS:GO, even when you’re offline.

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